We are a veteran owned and operated company.

I’ve been there. Scrolling through social media pages, checking the forums, looking on other listing sites for hours using keyword searches coming up empty handed. I’ve also been the seller tagging my Colt upper with “CAG DELTA SEAL DEVGRU MARSOC COLT HK KAC” in hopes that more people will see it in the keyword search.

The mission with this site is to create a place where people can buy secondhand or new goods from other members of this great community. We have a niche market of people interested in buying, selling, or trading items you would use for you Clone projects. That being said there will be a wide range of other products listed that might not be clone correct. However, we are limiting the searchable categories to mid-high tier brands to ensure you are viewing the high quality parts and accessories you came to find without sifting through the muck.

With Cloner Marketplace we’ve developed a system where sellers can catalog their items and buyers can search using a filter instead of keywords. This means you don’t need to keyword spam or bump your listings because when someone is looking for what you’re selling it will be easy to find.

We are looking to evolve this marketplace into something more over time, and we would love to hear what our users are wanting because ultimately YOU are who we are catering to.

We absolutely look forward to serving the Cloner community with a reliable and trustworthy platform to connect its members.

Thank you for your support, and remember to spread the word.

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