SOLD: Colt MK18 Upper

SOLD: Colt MK18 Upper SOLD: Colt MK18 Upper SOLD: Colt MK18 Upper
Price: $4,900.00
Condition: Used: Good-Condition
Location: Austin, TX

All the right clone parts.. Complete upper ready to rock. About 1800 rounds down the pipe, on the high end. I have two of these uppers.. Parts: Colt keyhole upper, Colt 10.3 “Crane Style” barrel with professionally shaved FSB, Colt gas system, Colt F/A carrier, LMT Enhanced Bolt, PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle, DD (tan) rail, KAC Taupe front sight, KAC period correct rear sight (not the USMC stamped bs), EOTech EXPS-3, “off the truck” PEQ-15 (fully functional), Arcane Concerted dual sling mount, Unity Tactical hot button w/ SF cable, Magpul AFG2, Surefire muzzle brake, Surefire Wardon cover. Solid upper – I simply drank the Spear juice.

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